2/6/16 “RockCrusher HD” R.I.P.

Farewell RockCrusher (HD Movies Icon) – HD movies are still available in other sections but this section has been closed.

A little insight on why “RockCrusher HD” chose to shut down:

To maintain and update a list like RockCrusher was a full time job. Usually starting around 2.30am 13 hrs a day minimum 7 days a week. Over the past few weeks the links have been getting killed due in fact to a lot of other playlist makers posting unprotected links. The amount of time RockCrusher had to spend finding and fixing links doubled. The vision of a perfect add-on was one with ease of use and function one click Movies and TV Shows with no dead links. Being just 1 man, finding and fixing everything he ran out of hours in the day to maintain the lists the way he wanted them to be. In short he was not happy with it and could not keep up to what was going on,