8/1/16 Move over! Here comes SideWinder!

With todays’ newest software release, we add:


With SideWinder, your MediaViper playlist is shared across all the MediaVipers in your Whole-Home network. You can start watching a show in one room and finish where you left off in another room. Unlike other DVR solutions, there is no fee to activate this feature because it is built into all MediaVipers. If you don’t have the feature listed in your Programs screen, ask your dealer about a software upgrade.

  • You can move a show from one MediaViper to another at the current playing point.
  • You can watch what is currently playing on a remote Mediaviper.
  • You can start over at the beginning of what is currently playing on another MediaViper
  • You can stop what is playing on a remote MediaViper

In Addition to SideWinder, we also add the following “Favourites”

Podcasts – Hundreds of thousands of free podcasts. Easily find and enjoy your next favorite on MediaViper. From automotive to news, fitness to pop culture, there’s a podcast for everyone.

Fitness Centre –  Pick and choose workout videos from Beach Body, Jillian Michaels, and more quickly and easily.


NPR – NPR produces and distributes news and cultural programming and locally produced programs.

AudioBooks – Over 7,000 free public domain audio books, including many of the great classics. Books are arranged in chapters, selecting a chapter will play just that single chapter, you can also queue them up or “Play all” via the context menu. Search or Browse by genre, there is also a Resume feature so if you stop playback you can pick up where you left off at a later date.

SHOUTCast – Expansive streaming internet radio with the ability to see the current number of listeners.


So head on over to the “Updates” source and get some great new features!!