My Media Viper is stuck on the splashscreen? HELP!!

If your Mediaviper is frozen on the splash screen for some reason you will need to do a “factory reset” and “restoration setup”. There is a guide HERE that will walk you through the restoration setup process.

What do the letters mean at the end of titles on certain Movies or TV Shows?

There are a lot of different types of releases and it’ll come in very handy sometimes if you know them. We’ll try to give a brief, concise explanation of the most important types.

Cam (filmed with a camcorder, the video and audio quality are often poor)
Telesync (a cam with an external audio source, sometimes filmed with a professional camera)
Telecine (filmed directly from the reel, good quality)
DVD Screener (uses a non-retail DVD as a source, sometimes with a counter or other text on the screen. Most often, you’ll periodically find a “Do Not Copy” text on the screen). These copies are also produced for award ceremonies purposes such as the Oscars.
DVD Rip (uses the final retail DVD as a source)
TVRip (ripped from a (mostly digital) TV source)
R5 (uses R5 DVD’s, comparable to DVD Screeners – also has scrolling text and black and white scenes to separate them from retail DVD’s)
VCD (aimed to fit on a standard CD, most of the time its slightly less in picture quality)
XVCD (a VCD which uses higher quality rates, but aren’t recognized by all VCD players)
x264 (an upcoming video codec, which allows a very high picture quality in relation to the file size)

How do I install an Add-On from a ZIP file?

MediaViper has a great Auto-Update feature but sometimes an Add-On will be changed by the author and no longer in included in the auto updater. When this happens we will provide a download link for the newest version once testing is complete. You can follow the guide HERE for step by step instructions on how to install from the ZIP.

I have bundled TV Phone and Internet, How can I cancel TV and still keep my Phone Service?

We offer great rates for VoIP phone service, just like you are used to with major bundle companies (Click image for a larger version) with no required annual commitment and Month-to-Month billing.

AceVoice Rates

I have multiple TVs. Do I need a separate MediaViper for each one?

As is the case with many technology-related questions, the answer is: It depends. The basic concept here is that all the “magic” behind the MediaViper comes from the connections that have been set up between the device and content sources. Your TV simply acts like a big computer monitor that takes the signal coming out of the MediaViper and plays it through its screen and speakers. This means two things related to the original question.

First, a device must be physically attached to your TV to be able to watch streaming content through it. You can’t access the signal from a device connected to a different TV.

Second, if you have multiple TVs in your home but you only ever watch one at a time, you can simply move your MediaViper from one TV to another. All of your settings will still be intact. However, if you want to use MediaViper with more than one TV at the same time, then you need a separate box or stick for each TV.


If you want to use MediaViper somewhere outside the area covered by your Internet connection, you can still use it but you’ll have to set it up again to work with the new network.

Alternatively, an LTE HotSpot works great for streaming when there is no wifi available!

How Do I control MediaViper with a keyboard?

Please click this link to show the keyboard controls