Initial Config

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No matter which media viper you have (MX or MiniTV) the first thing you want to do when you set it up is complete the  Wireless Network connection.

In this tutorial we will show you how to get started by setting up WiFi on your Media Viper.

1 Power on your MediaViper and set the TV input, after a few moments you will be presented with the Home Screen

Home Screen

2 At the Home Screen, Scroll left or right to select the Programs heading then choose OpenELEC Configuration indicated by this icon:


You will be presented with a sidebar of options to select:



3 Go to Network and toggle off and then on the “active” status on the wireless section


4 Go to connections and select the wireless network that is your own. Choose connect and type in the wireless passphrase

5 After you connect you should see an address in the center of the display showing as 4 sets of numbers separated by “.” it should look like this: or possibly or


Then press the home button on the remote and you are taken back to the Home Screen

Home Screen

You are now ready to begin enjoying MediaViper!