Restoration Setup

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If your MediaViper is stuck on the boot screen (shown below) You will need to perform a “factory Rest” and then follow the steps below to restore your MediaViper configuration:

OpenElec Splash Screen

1 Power off your MediaViper by unplugging the power cord from the the unit and locate the A/V jack located on the back of the unit.


2 Insert a toothpick or other non-metallic item into the A/V jack and feel for the reset button hidden inside. (a cut off Q-Tip or coffee stirrer works great!)


3 While holding down the reset button, insert the power adaptor into the back of the unit. Continue holding down the reset button the entire time until you see the restore mode screen:

Restore Menu

4 Choose “Wipe Data Partition / Factory Reset then chose OK to complete the reset and MediaViper will reboot and start the initial configuration wizard.



Initial Setup Wizard


5 At the Initial Configuration screen, select NEXT, Then NEXT again, then join your wireless network, Choose NEXT again and finally FINISH.

6 You will now be at the default menu screen and need to add the “Updates” source and copy the restore file to your MediaViper.

7 Scroll to the right to the SYSTEM menu

8 Select the FILE MANAGER SubMenu

– Choose “Add Source”

Source Details are as Follows:


Name:  Updates

Then save your source by clicking on the + or choosing OK

– Choose “Add Source” again

Choose the BROWSE Button and select the “Home Folder”

It should automatically name it STORAGE

Then save the source by clicking on the + or choosing OK

9 Now that you’ve added your sources to the File Manager, let’s use the FileManager to copy your restore file to your MediaViper

– From the left side, select the Updates Source and browse to your Generation of MediaViper to see your Restore Files (ending in .tar)

– From the right side, select Storage and then use the context menu to add a new folder, name the new folder “backup”

Open the backup folder and then from the left side, use the context menu to copy the restore file to your backup folder.

10 Once copy is complete, on the right side, use the context menu to rename the restore file. name it as follows:


11 Return to the Main Menu screen and from the SYSTEM menu, select OpenElec Configuration

12 Once in the Configuration screen (shown below) on the System Menu scroll down on the right side to the section labeled BACKUP


13 Choose Restore From Backup and select the item named 20160527012345 after it restores it will prompt you to reboot.

14 After reboot your MediaViper should be restored to how it was when it was first powered on. If it reboots back to the default menu screen then your restore did not succeed

      You will have to do steps 10 – 13 again. Be sure to pay careful attention to step 10.

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